The Most Adventurous Places People Have Had Sex

Don’t deny it. You are one of those who have a secret sexy bucket list of adventurous place for an unprompted intimate experience you’re looking to complete. At times, you just want to make new memories or just savor your time with your partner.

If you want to try another spontaneous intimacy spot, which will get your heart racing, take a look at these following ideas:


Have you tried being thrown against the elevator wall just like what Christian Grey did to Anastasia Steele? Just don’t mind the bad elevator music to feel the sensation brought by the moving room. Don’t forget to look for a building which is not busy so you can freely pull the emergency stop anytime. Plus, it won’t bother you about being caught.

On an outdoor hammock

It is best recommended for those who are fairly-average sized.  It will definitely spice up the intimacy between the couples as the hammock envelopes and pushes them to remain close.  So, what’s the thrilling part here? You should not move too much to avoid falling out! It is worth the risk after all.

An office

Feeling frisky? Why not give your lover a surprise visit at his/her office? As cliché as it may sound, but doing it in an office is absolutely hot!

PS: If you don’t own a private office, then better look for a private room for you and your partner.


After a long, busy weekend, you deserve a hot ride with your loved one. A limo reservation can be a good option to have some fun and excitement in the back seat.  Just ensure that you’ll get a limo with privacy window to avoid giving your driver a live show he doesn’t have to see.

Laundry room

Fill your most boring room with moans. Every time you and your buddy have a free time together, try to find a good position at the top of the machine. Turn it on and let it spin to add some effects.

Deck or balcony

Indeed, a romantic place to get busy. It’s a win-win situation for you as you can quickly run to your bedroom or kitchen when you like to add some props to your sexy activity.

Dressing room

Got a lover who hates shopping a lot? Make it more thrilling for him.

Grab him in a room which has a full-length mirror and have a quickie. It is quite risky. Thus, make sure to hunt for a room on non-peak hours within a shop which doesn’t have strict rules about two people in a dressing room.

In Front of A Big Window

Indulge and spice your night through making love right in front of a large window.  This odd location will give an interesting view for you (as well as for onlookers down there). This is the perfect option for exhibitionist or for thrill seekers out there.

Take your loved one off guard through seducing in a crazy spot. Bear in mind that you only live once so why not make the most out of it.

Reminder:  Stay safe no matter what position you’re up to!

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